Telecare equipment can vary from a simple stand-alone alert to a complex combination of sensors connected through a central control unit. King Communications & Security Ltd can offer a range of; wander mats, bed mat activity sensors, and motion detectors. All of which can be adapted to suit a particular nurse call system.

Wander Mats are a simple solution to patient wander problems in a Care home. They are especially useful when a patient is bedridden providing the Nursing staff instant notification when he/she gets out of Bed. They are also lightweight and portable allowing the staff to re-site at short notice.

The Sentry Deluxe Monitor is a versatile alarm designed for use with either a bed, chair or toilet seat sensor pad. The monitor sounds an alarm when the patient’s weight moves off the device. It also offers an alarm output which allows for connection to most facility nurse call bell systems when used with the optional Nurse Call Cable and a silent bed side alarm option is also available. A plug-in power adapter can allow a mains or battery powered option.