IP CCTV: Integrating Systems


Of our many products and services, we find more and more we are being asked to raise the bar for our Customers. With the advent of the Internet age customers want instant information, low maintenance, a rich feature set and accessibility from the web. Over the last few years converged solutions have started to come to the forefront in providing these demanding requirements for many customers, with limitless possibilities.

Integrated Solutions means that we can offer Telecoms, Data, Video (CCTV & TV) and many others systems on a single converged network.

Xprotect Transact for Retail


Transact for retail allows 'real time' integration with EPOS to provide smart CCTV security for Till Areas.

Xprotect Transact for ATMs


Transact for Banks provides Intelligent Evidence Collection for fraud and theft.

Paxton Access Control


Combine your Access Control and IP CCTV to provide an intelligent Entry/Exit System for your building.

Building Safety Systems


Utilising the network to its full potential, an IP CCTV solution can provide necessary evidence collection integrated with Building Safety Systems.