IP CCTV: Video Analytics


Video Analytics delivers analysis of CCTV footage and the application of rules to remove the manual process. This type of 'Smart CCTV' provides enhanced solutions for Security, Safety, Business Intelligence and operations. Analytics can be employed to provide real-time detection in critical situations such as Airports, Bridges, Banks, Schools etc. where there is a need for instantaneous alerts to specific threats and scenarios. Real time detection allows real-time reactions to these threats with the ability to practice pre-programmed responses.

Analytics is now offering further features with advanced search based algorithms for precise data filtering using search parameters by event, type, Size and Colour.


Some Example analytics:-

  • Unattended objects
  • Breaches to secure zones
  • Crowding, Loitering
  • Obstructions to the traffic paths
  • Vehicles traveling in the wrong direction
  • Interference with assets
  • Perimeter Intrusion
  • Breaches to Secure zones
  • Human or Vehicle tailgating and more